Join us for two days in May 2019

Participating in the BLOXHUB Interactive symposium will give you access to the stakeholders that shape tomorrow’s discourse around urban liveability and digital technology. The symposium will feature International keynotes, talks and workshops with acclaimed experts and academics - as well as renowned industry professionals who set the global agenda within these fields.

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You will gain leading-edge knowledge as well as the opportunity to connect with international partners. Whether you’re a curious individual interested in urban solutions or an experienced professional from the Built Environment, Prix BLOXHUB Interactive will offer project demonstrations and state-of-the-art tools, which have real, measurable impact.


How can we make cities more liveable using digital technology?

This is the simple yet central question fuelling the first annual Prix BLOXHUB Interactive symposium, which takes place in and around BLOX Copenhagen from the 21st to the 22nd of May, 2019.

Space, technology, behavior

We live in a time of unprecedented technological and social disruption. Change, turbulence and transition have become the defining characteristics of an era that presents wide-ranging challenges. At the center of this comprehensive transformation lies the city. With an estimated 5 billion people living in cities by 2030, new forms of urban planning and digital management/organization are becoming increasingly vital in the efforts to mitigate rapid urbanization and ensure sustainable development.

Looking for solutions: the time for interdisciplinary action is now

At Prix BLOXHUB Interactive we believe that our present moment, volatile as it may be, also opens up new creative territory. More than anything, it prompts technologists, creatives, scientists, companies and industry professionals to rise to the many challenges ahead. To join forces in creating bold, new answers to the pressing questions of our time through collective action and interdisciplinary collaboration. More specifically, we’re asking for concrete solutions to real-life problems, such as:

We hope to see you there!

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